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Securities Exchange Commission of Zimbabwe v Gwaradzimba NO & Ors S – 26 – 17.
Powers of the Securities Exchange Commission in respect of stockbroking companies in liquidation considered.

Docking Station Safaris (Pvt) Ltd v Ahmed HH – 412 – 17.
Toakoana Trading (Pvt) Ltd v van Rooyen & Anor 2014 (2) ZLR 781 (H).
Personal liability of directors for debts of the company on account of reckless or fraudulent trading.

Zimbabwe Alloys Limited & Ors v Balasore Alloys Limited & Ors HH – 597 – 19
Conditions for setting aside a court-sanctioned scheme of arrangement considered and applied.

BP Zimbabwe (Pvt) Ltd v Cedar Petroleum (Pvt) Ltd 2015 (1) ZLR 592 (H)
Rights under a long term commercial headlease examined and enforced.

Naval Phase Farming (Pvt) Ltd & Ors v Minister of Lands and Rural Resettlement & Ors S – 50 – 18
Mangenje v TBIC Investments (Pvt) Ltd & Ors 2013 (2) ZLR 534 (H)
Mode and effect of compulsory acquisition of commercial farmland in terms of the former Constitution of Zimbabwe considered and applied.

Sibanda & Anor v Ochieng & Ors 2013 (2) ZLR 326 (S)
Requirements for lawful practice as an advocate in Zimbabwe confirmed

Mahomed v John Bredenkamp & Anor S – 82 – 20
Grossly unreasonable fee charged by a putative advocate ruled unrecoverable from an adversary.

Augur Investments OU v Fairclot Investments (Pvt) Ltd & Anor S – 8 – 19
Arbitration award enforcing a contractor’s claim against a property developer upheld.

Zvoma v Moyo & Ors 2012 (1) ZLR 117 (H)
Constitutional procedure for the removal of the Secretary to Parliament considered

GTO Association v The Commissioner General, ZIMRA HH – 469 19
Irregular imposition of VAT on an owners’ association’s cost recovery set aside.

Mpukuta v Motor Insurance Pool 2012 (1) ZLR 192 (H)
Locus standi to seek a declaratory order and proper circumstances for the grant of such order considered.

KDB Holdings (Pvt) Ltd v Medicines Control Authority of Zimbabwe 2011 (2) ZLR 398 (S)
Regulator’s power over defective medical devices considered and defined.

Moven Kufa & Anor v President of the Republic of Zimbabwe & Ors 2011 (1) ZLR 447 (H)
A challenge to the lawfulness of the composition of the ‘government of national unity’ in Zimbabwe – ruling on appeal pending.

starafrica corporation limited v Sivnet Investments (Pvt) Ltd & Anor 2011 (2) ZLR 123 (H)
Proceedings in terms of art 34 of the UNICTRAL Model Law of Arbitration.

“Foreign Investment, Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment in Zimbabwe”
Published by SJ Berwin LLP in “Emerging Markets Africa”, Issue 9 (June 2012)

“A gold standard for African economic integration” in The Zimbabwe Star, 7 July 2021.

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